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GCPEGlobal Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE)

Founded in 1999 at The Hague Appeal for Peace Conference in the Netherlands, the Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE) is an international organized network that promotes peace education around the world.

In seeking to foster a culture of peace in communities around the world the Global Campaign has two goals:

1) To build public awareness and political support for the introduction of peace education into all spheres of education, including non-formal education, in all schools throughout the world.
2) To promote the education of all teachers to teach for peace.

The GCPE publishes a monthly newsletter featuring articles and news as to how and where peace education is active and growing. It includes reports from the field chronicling successes and challenges; profiles of peace educators; listing of events, conferences, and trainings in peace education from around the world; new publications in the field; and job postings.

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IIPEInternational Institute on Peace Education (IIPE)

Founded in 1982, the IIPE is an annual week-long residential learning experience in peace education.  Each year the IIPE is hosted by a partner organization in a different region of the world. 

The IIPE is not a traditional conference but rather a “learning community” in which the organizers and participants work together to nurture an inclusive, highly interactive learning environment.  It is an intensive multicultural and cooperative learning opportunity in which participants learn from and with each other about substantive peace issues and interactive teaching approaches. The IIPE is also an opportunity for networking and community building among those who educate and work for a culture of peace in the host region and around the world. 
Reflections from participants:

“The [IIPE] made me realize that many educators… feel they have no choice but to involve themselves and their learners in a process of peace education.”

“My ideas about the possibilities for peace education have been reaffirmed as I now see that there are individuals scattered across the world who believe in the possibility of peace.”

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CIPECommunity-Based Institutes on Peace Education (CIPE)

A Community-based Institute on Peace Education (CIPE) is a sustainable and recurring learning opportunity that enables formal and non-formal educators in local communities to learn with and from each other about "the role and possibilities for education in the prevention of deadly conflict; the rethinking of global security; preparing individuals for engaged, democratic citizenship; and the realization of human rights, social justice and ecological balance." 

CIPEs are informed by six strategic goals:

1) to provide local support for peace educators; 2) to provide opportunities for educators to learn from each other about best practices; 3) to address current and relevant local content and issues; 4) to support school and community based peace education initiatives; 5) to increase the possibility for affecting policy locally, nationally, and globally; and 6) increase potential for research and new developments in the field of peace education.

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